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Re: [Apollon-dev] Problems using Apollon

Hello Mathieu

Mathieu Peltier wrote:

I am triing to use Apollon (latest cvs version) to generate GUI to edit the C-JDBC DTD (c-jdbc.objectweb.org).

First of all, the JDK 1.4 seems to be needed to compile Apollon?

I changed this, the TabbedPanel was a "test", and as far as it uses some specific classes from the JDK 1.4, we turned back to a more classic panel, without tabs.

Other pb: when I try to parse the c-jdbc.dtd (see here:
the compilation of the generated files fails because the Unmarshallable class seems to be missing.

This is mainly due to the fact that the file name is not the same as the root element of the DTD.

When using the generation script, you can specify the root element

with apollon.sh (.bat), simply add the -R<name>  option
with ant_apollon.sh (.bat), simply add the -Dapollon.dtd.root.name=<name> option

Last question: is there a way to configure the generated GUI?
(currently to save the file you are editing is not possible?)

Last updates to the gui package could be interesting for you
Just checkout the Apollon's CVS, lot of changes occured recently

best regards

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