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[Apollon-dev] Re: Apollon !


Glad to see some interest coming for this project, despite the lack of informations I give about it on the web site :-/

Well, anyway I'm currently improving the whole thing, especially because of a new version out for the ObjectWeb Browser framework (which I use to browse XML docs).

Main problem is the XML schemas support. Apollon was initially designed to support XML DTDs, and has been involved in OpenCCM's Packaging/Assembling Tool. (being an instance editor based on the CCM's DTDs).

Schemas are not really my focus objective, anyway, I'd be happy to help any contributor that would need this feature.

FYI, I noticed that the great Enhydra Zeus tool, being Apollon's ascendant and still providing all the binding/marshal/unmarshal stuff, hasn't known updates for months. I was thinking about improving it (and a possible merge?), but I don't really know how to contact initial founders and contributors, with last entry in the ObjectWeb organisation. Does anyone have any idea about that ?

IMHO, the work done around Zeus has been really interesting, and it seems that people still use it around... things can be done to enrich the tool. What do you tink? (any reader again)


Madl Alfred wrote:
Hi !

Just want to ask what your plans plans / roadmaps are for the Apollon
project ? We would like to use Apollon for building editors for several
XML schemas in Enhydra projects.

Thanks and greetings.


Christophe Contreras

 Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille
 USTL - Batiment M3 - UMR CNRS 8022
 59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - FRANCE

 phone= +33 (0)32043 4728
 fax= +33 (0)32043 6566

OpenCCM, a GOAL team's project

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