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Using Apollon


My name is Tomas Hagg and I am doing an internship at Institut National des
Télécommunications in Evry, France.  I am interested in using Apollon to
edit and create xml descriptor files.

I have some questions:

I need to plug extra intelligence into the system for several reasons.

1) my XML1 file conform to the DTD1 file may refer elements defined in XML 
written with DTD2, so for some of the fields of XML1 file, the pointer may be
put on an element of the XML2 file and if I could choose from a list built 
XML2 file elements it would be great

2) I need to make some semantic verification on some fields and need to 
popup if a problem is detected ...

Are these implementations possible with Apollon?

I would also like a user guide on how to use apollon.

Thankful for a fast answer!

Best Regards,

Tomas Hagg

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