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Re: [apollon-dev] Using Apollon

Hello Tomas,

Nice to see people interested in using the Apollon software !

I'll try to provide some answers to you; just read in the following.

On May 23, 2005, at 5:28 PM, Tomas HAGG wrote:


My name is Tomas Hagg and I am doing an internship at Institut National des Télécommunications in Evry, France. I am interested in using Apollon to
edit and create xml descriptor files.

I have some questions:

I need to plug extra intelligence into the system for several reasons.

1) my XML1 file conform to the DTD1 file may refer elements defined in XML file2 written with DTD2, so for some of the fields of XML1 file, the pointer may be put on an element of the XML2 file and if I could choose from a list built with
XML2 file elements it would be great

This can be achieved with a custom widget. The graphical brick used to display the list of available values in your first file can be plugged on the second file, but this will have to be explicit in the Apollon GUI generation model. IMO you could customize the GUI for DTD1 by specifying the brick for your field as being this custom widget. Latest Apollon versions make it possible to define constructor parameters; this is where you could specify the XML2 file.

2) I need to make some semantic verification on some fields and need to trigger
popup if a problem is detected ...

Once again, this has to be delegated to a custom widget of your own. I haven't yet implemented the possibility to define additional verification (which means "other than simple DTD validation") in the XML files. You could implement a global validator for your data, and access it from the targeted elements' widgets.

Are these implementations possible with Apollon?

I would also like a user guide on how to use apollon.

From my point of view then, I'd say "yes". That does not mean this is easy :-/ I have to admit that Apollon REALLY miss a user guide, and tutorial. I have had to work on its documentation for a very long time now, I guess it's becoming quite urgent. I'll try to provide you with some guide and detailed explanations; in the meantime, feel free to ask anything you'd need by mail.

Best Regards,
 Christophe Contreras

Thankful for a fast answer!

Best Regards,

Tomas Hagg

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Christophe Contreras

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