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xml encoding (utf-8); standard for ChoiceLists

I've just tested apollon for the first time, it works quite nicely.
But I do have two questions/problems:

1) My existing xml file is utf-8 encoded. When I edit it in the Gui created 
from the DTD the non-ascii characters are rendered as garbage. I think the 
GUI should detect the xml encoding from the xml declaration and use utf-8 as 
a default when no encoding is declared.

2) In my DTD there is something like
<!ELEMENT semester EMPTY >
<!ATTLIST semester
    halbjahr         (Winter|Sommer) #REQUIRED

I get the desired GUI for this attribute when I put 
  <mapattribute name="halbjahr" brickref="hjlist"/>
  <brick id="hjlist" javaclass="org.objectweb.apollon.gui.bricks.ChoiceList">
   <buildparam value="&quot;Halbjahr&quot;"/>
   <buildparam value="new String[]{&quot;Winter&quot;,&quot;Sommer&quot;}"/>
into the corresponding .Apollon file
I think this is not very elegant and it should be possible to achieve the 
same result with just
  <mapattribute name="halbjahr" brickref="hjlist"/>
  <brick id="hjlist" javaclass="org.objectweb.apollon.gui.bricks.ChoiceList"/>
since the allowed values are clear anyways from the DTD. The latter version, 
however, produces a RuntimeException (IndexOutOfBounds), when I want to 
display the corresponding GUI.

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