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FW: Enhydra: Enhydra 5.0 Windows Native Compiles Beta

For information.
Performance improvement of an enhydra application server decupled with native compilation.
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From: enhydra-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:enhydra-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Madl Alfred
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 12:52 PM
To: enhydra@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Enhydra: Enhydra 5.0 Windows Native Compiles Beta

Hi !


Just want to inform that I released the first Beta of a Windows native compiled version of Enhydra 5.0. Multiserver can now be an exe without any JDK, etc.




Setup's are still very ugly, produce wrong shortcuts, no uninstall,... but the server and the applications are working !


For detailed explanations try a look into the doc's package :-)


 Especially scenario 3 (compiled Multiserver server as native “Windows service” executing jar-applications in mixed mode with persistent JIT) should be interesting for everyone using Enhydra on Windows... Depending on the application there can be tremendous performance improvements !


We will try to produce better Setups for the final release. Feedback is very welcome.


Please try to install your applications under the “scenario-3” Multiserver and tell us if you experience any problems.





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