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Re: [ObjectWeb architecture] Looking for Monolog 1.5.7...


Alexandre Lefebvre wrote:
You can check out Monolog 1.5.7 from the CVS repository.
See http://debian-sf.objectweb.org/cvs/?group_id=41 for accessing the Monolog CVS repository.
The tag is MONOLOG_1_5_7.
The CVS command is "cvs -r MONOLOG_1_5_7 co ."

Thanks Alex.

However, getting the code is one thing but still there's no documentation on
this new version of Monolog (changes in API, new features, which version of
log4j is supported, etc.)
And I'n not really eager to dig in Monolog code to check all this stuff...

Anyway, I've my new version of Monolog and I hope it'll work w/o trouble.


Jeff Mesnil     INRIA - ObjectWeb Consortium
email: jmesnil at inrialpes.fr
homepage: http://sardes.inrialpes.fr/people/jmesnil/perso.html

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