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new releas of Jonathan on Objectweb CVS...


the new release of Jonathan is now available on the objectweb CVS.
Fabien Delpiano has done the corrections corresponding to the known bugs 
(among other things import problems when using JDK1.4). It also integrates 
the modification indicated by P. Coq in the build.xml for integrating Jonas 
with Carol.

The "class cast exception" bug has not been corrected since it not a bug : 
the reason is a conflict between the ClassLoader strategy used by servers 
when handling different containers and the Jeremie optimization communication 
mechanisms (using a direct reference when the two containers are in the same 
JVM). We shall send a short explaination on this in a few days.

The present version is tagged as "release candidate". It will be retagged as 
"release" after validation from the Jonas team.

Francois Horn
Société Kelua
5 rue Geoffroy Marie
75009 Paris
tel : 33+
email : Francois.Horn@xxxxxxxxx

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