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Re: [jotm] Apache Geronimo


Andy Zeneski wrote:
Not Tyrex!?!? Big mistake...

Maybe Geronimo guys are not aware of JOTM! :-)

Seriously, I think that JOTM should be integrated to Geronimo in the same way
than it has been in Jetty and OFBiz.
As for Geronimo's preference for tyrex: It'd be possible to have two
implementations of a transaction manager (Tyrex and JOTM) in the same way than
to have two web containers (Jetty and Tomcat). Technically, it is not a big deal... if Geronimo committers are willing to.

Now, before integration happens, that means several things:
1) Geronimo has to clarify its position wrt to transaction managers. Is Tyrex 
donated to Apache or
   is it just integrated? Is Elba (i.e. JBoss) transaction manager to be used?
2) ObjectWeb has to accept collaboration with Geronimo
3) JOTM has to change its license to be dual-licensed (no LGPL in Apache 

Personally, I think that JOTM should collaborate with Geronimo like it does 
with Jetty and OFBiz.
However, it is a decision with lots of ramifications, e.g. copyright issues, 
technical issues,...

I believe it is an important decision to take which is broader than just JOTM 
So I expect the college of architects (and maybe the board?) of OW to state its position wrt Geronimo quickly.


Jeff Mesnil     INRIA - ObjectWeb Consortium
JOTM project leader
email: jmesnil at inrialpes.fr
homepage: http://sardes.inrialpes.fr/people/jmesnil/perso.html

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