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Fwd: [college] Fwd: [webmaster] New SourceForge project submitted

Begin forwarded message:

From: Philippe Merle <Philippe.Merle@xxxxxxx>
Date: Jeu nov 27, 2003  11:56:19 Europe/Paris
To: Gérard Vandome <gerard.vandome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Trent.Shue@xxxxxxxx" <Trent.Shue@xxxxxxxx>, college@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [college] Fwd: [webmaster] New SourceForge project submitted


Gérard Vandome wrote:

As the request is done by Bull Phoenix peope who are working within my team, I can
already give you some intial answers..

Philippe Merle wrote:


In my previous message, I have asked some questions to
the submitter of the new project. If you have more questions
don't hesitate to ask them to him (with a copy to the college
mailing list).

Perhaps this time we could be proactive, e.g. push synergy
between ObjectWeb activities instead of having two things
doing similar work.

It is not similar to monolog: monolog is a wrapper, the proposed project is an
implementation for high speed transaction and database logging.

As I understand, MonoLog is composed of to part:
* A set of API independent of the underlaying logging systems
* A set of wrappers converting MonoLog API to existing logging systems

So it is possible to develop another implementation of MonoLog API
which fully implement the underlaying logging system.

Do you thing that a high performance logging must have specific API?
If yes, where the MonoLog API is not appropriate?
This information could be very helpful for logging system designers.

For me, MonoLog API is not incompatible with high performance journal.
Or if this is incompatible, I need to understand why?

Perhaps some interfaces can be shared, but interfaces providing high speed login was not in the scope of monolog, so perhaps they don't fit. It is part of the project to define

Interfaces define operations that applications could use.
There is no obstacle to implement a set of API in a performant way.

So I strongly suggest the new project to investigate MonoLog API
to clearly show us why this is not appropriate for high performance

The BSD licence is proposed because this project is done within the scope of the collaboration between ObjectWeb and Apache.It will be used by JOTM which will be used
both by JonAS and Geronimo.

OK I see.

It can be also relevant for FileDB, GOTM, etc...

There is currently no implementation, but it is expected to start as soon as the project is created, as contributors have a strong experience in transaction logging for main-frame transactional systems. It will then be used to implement JOTM recovery.

I have a minor comment on the name, as "High Speed Journal" is rather long...
I would like to have a more mnemonic a short project name.

Gérard Vandôme
ObjectWeb Consortium www.objectweb.org
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Philippe Merle
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Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille
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Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX France

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