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Fwd: [college] Fwd: [webmaster] New SourceForge project submitted

Begin forwarded message:

From: Michael.Giroux@xxxxxxxx
Date: Lun déc 1, 2003  15:37:51 Europe/Paris
To: Philippe Merle <Philippe.Merle@xxxxxxx>
Cc: college@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Mathieu.Peltier@xxxxxxxxxxxx, Philippe.Merle@xxxxxxx, David.Egolf@xxxxxxxx Subject: Re: [college] Fwd: [webmaster] New SourceForge project submitted


1. One of the target users of the project is JOTM, and JOTM with GERONIMO. Because of the potential for use by GERONIMO, we need to use BSD license.

2. It is too early to say if the MonoLog API can be used or if a new API
will be required.  We have talked about the benefit to the entire JOnAS
project if the MonoLog API can be used, but no conclusions have been made
yet.  The primary objective of the project is performance.  It has been
observed that MonoLog, Log4j, and the Sun J2SE 1.4 logger all have a
performance problem.  Some of the performance is due to the flexibility
these interfaces provide.  The first activity of our project will be to
study these logging facilities and understand the performance issue. We will be able to propose an API once we understand the problems that exist
in the current facilities.

3. To date, the JOTM project lead (David Egolf) has identified a
requirement for a more performant journal for use in JOTM to support
restart and recovery features. Also, David has discussed with the GERONIMO
team a need for journals that perform better than the J2SE 1.4 log
facility, and Log4j.  So far, there has been no development.

Michael Giroux

                      Philippe Merle
<Philippe.Merle@l To: michael.giroux@xxxxxxxx, college@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ifl.fr> cc: Mathieu.Peltier@xxxxxxxxxxxx Sent by: Subject: Re: [college] Fwd: [webmaster] New SourceForge project
                      Philippe.Merle@li         submitted

                      11/27/2003 02:33


Your project seems to be interesting for the ObjectWeb
middleware community.

The ObjectWeb college of architects should status on your
project submission. In order to help us, could you reply to
the following questions:

1) Why would you like to start a project under the BSD license?
   The ObjectWeb recommanded license is LGPL.

2) Do you think that your work could be part of a larger initiative
   on logging? If yes, what relations could be built between your
   project and the MonoLog project? Could your High Performance Journal
   use the API defined by the MonoLog project? If no, why?

3) What is the status of the implementation of the proposed project?

Best Regard
Philippe Merle
President of the ObjectWeb College of Architects

Mathieu Peltier wrote:

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Subject: [webmaster] New SourceForge project submitted
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 16:34:49 +0100
From: michael.giroux@xxxxxxxx
To: webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

New SourceForge project submitted

Project full name: High Performance Journal
Submitted description: Implement a high speed log writter facility that
the performance requirements of projects such as JOTM recovery, database journals and other types of software that rely on journals or logs for
 recovery, auditing and other tasks.

Logging facilities currently implemented using pure Java suffer from
performance issues. In order to maximize transaction throughput it is
 necessary to provide logging (also known as journalization) that
performs as
 well as native application implementations.  Projects such as JOTM
require a
 journalization facility that provides high performance and guaranteed
 flushes to allow for reliable transaction recovery.

The primary goal of this project is to provide a persistent logging
 that does not cause measurable performance degradation. License: bsd

Please visit the following URL to approve or reject this project:


Philippe Merle
Dr. Philippe Merle - INRIA Scientist Researcher at
Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille
UPRESA 8022 CNRS - U.F.R. I.E.E.A. - Batiment M3
Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX France

    Phone: (33) (0)3 20 33 70 24
      Fax: (33) (0)3 20 43 65 66
   E-Mail: Philippe.Merle@xxxxxxx
Home Page: http://www.lifl.fr/~merle
 See also: http://www.objectweb.org/

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