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General considerations on objectweb development process


Concerning OSMOSE ITEA European project which is a support 
to Objectweb platforms (Jonas, OpenCCM and Oscar) it appears 
at the current stage of the project a problem in the global process:
It seems necessary to open discussions and/or get details for objectweb 
participants on the current Objectweb process to conduct framework
OSMOSE includes about 20 partners collaborating on framework developments. 
The project is started since some months and obviously, a problem arises to 
integrate homogenously the interest of each partner in common frameworks. 

The feeling is that each partner is conducting works following its own
which is natural taken into account that they invest money themselves for
the community. 
While each partner is willing to start modelling keeping in mind its own
their considerations are often strongly linked to a targeted platform and 
worse to a specific programming language. 

Consequently, all objectives become a mess, and it is nearly 
impossible to start an homogenous work that will be fruitful for the 
community in the large. To meet the expectations of each partner, we propose
introduce and perform a specification phase between the current phase 
(requirements gathering) and the modelling process:

this phase will address a global analysis and take into account 
the objective of everyone. It is not intended to propose a heavy process but

just to draw the global architecture of each framework describing the
following items:

- Introduce the framework and the synthesis of the objective
- Identify the framework components (not software component meaning)
- Define the aims of each those components
- Define the data flow between the components
- Identify the internal components interfaces
- Identify the external components interfaces
- Identify the constraints

Here identification and definition must be at the system/functional level
 and not at the API or programming level.

Thanks in advance to the objectweb college of architects for an early reply 
and feebback on these considerations.


Pascal Llorens
SC2 - Software Core for Computer-based systems
1-5, Avenue Carnot / BC4
91883 Massy CEDEX
Tel 01 69 75 31 83
Fax 01 69 75 31 79

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