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RE: [architecture] Propose a JSR based on XMLC


Thanks to the visibility of JOnAS, I think we have a window of opportunity
for this now,  but we should be carreful on how we position XMLC, and I
would not  recomend the "alternative to JSP" option. Unstead, I think we
should position XMLC as a complement to the new JSF spec. I haven't followed
the development of Java Server Faces so I can't tell if it is feasible, but
at least we should give it a try.


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From: David Li [mailto:taweili@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: lundi 1 decembre 2003 06:18
To: architecture@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: David Young H.; Diekhans Mark; Kunze Richard; Jacob Kjome
Subject: [architecture] Propose a JSR based on XMLC


   I was discussing with Christophe Ney and other XMLC developers about
the possibility to propose a JSR based on XMLC.

   XMLC is an alternative technology to JSP. Instead of treating Web
presentation (HTML/XHTML/WML/etc) as a big string template like JSP,
XMLC treats these presentation as structural Java Object based on DOM
(Document Object Model). This approach provides better separation of
presentation from business logic and prompt better division of labor
between page designers and programmers.

   XMLC was originally developed as part of Lutris' Enhydra app server
and has since grown a developer community behind it. The lack of
standardization in XMLC's technology has been a obstacle of the
acceptance to the development community. The right to XMLC has recently
being purchased by Together and donated to ObjectWeb.

   We felt that the time has come to push for a JSR on XMLC's
technology. We are seeking for the support of ObjectWeb to sponsor this

   More information of XMLC can be found at:



David Li

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