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FYI - BEA and IBM Publish Service Data Objects (SDO) Specifications

Hi everybody,

This might be of interest for you:

"Three specifications describing Service Data Objects (SDO) have been
published jointly by BEA and IBM, and will be implemented in upcoming
releases of the BEA WebLogic Platform and IBM WebSphere Application Server.
The documents "provide programmers with simpler and more powerful ways of
building portable server applications." Java Specification Requests (JSRs)
are also being filed in the areas of these specifications for formal
consideration under the Java Community Process (JCP)." (excerpt from

From the description available in this paper, this seems to be the approach
proposed by BEA and IBM to unify J2EE and heterogeneous data management,
among other goals. This topic is of great interest for the XQuark project,
and could be the path to follow for a better integration of XQuark in the
overall ObjectWeb architecture (I've read the criticisms about the lack of
integration of some projects in the ObjectWeb "catalog").

So if anybody is interested, we could start a discussion thread or even a
working group about this topic.


Antoine Mensch

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