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Re: [c-jdbc] Transaction ID generation

Looks good.  The new code works in the scenario I exposed yesterday.

This solution breaks if you have multiple controllers sharing the same recovery log, but I believe that is not a recommended setup. If you wanted to have multiple controllers sharing a recovery log, then it would be necessary to synchronize their transaction IDs, possibly by using the database itself to generate the ID.

It would be very helpful to put a recommended setup into the user's guide. Some information about where the controllers should run (on app servers, on database servers, on another tier of machines in the middle), the fact that each controller needs its own recovery log, and any other architectural decisions that must be made to coordinate with how the system works.

Thanks for all your help.


At 11:32 AM +0100 2/27/04, Emmanuel Cecchet wrote:
Jeff Kolesky wrote:

It looks as though the controller begins transaction IDs at 1 each time it is restarted.

The scheduler transaction should be initialized from the last transaction id in the recovery log (+1) to prevent the problem you mentioned. This was done in an ad-hoc way for some specific schedulers. I have fixed the code so that now it works with all schedulers (available in CVS and in the next release probably available today).

Thanks again for your feedback,

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