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Oracle and Mkcoi

Hello all, before anything let me give you congratulations for this amazing

I'm interested in using C-JDBC with Oracle 9ir2 and McKoi 1.0.3
(http://mckoi.com/database/), and willing to contribute to your project. 

I have been studing the mail list and the source code since last week, and I
have detected serveral issues that relevant for me that need some work.

1 Support for Blobs an Clobs

1.1  The ControllerResultSet returned  by execReadRequest,
execReadStoredProcedure and execWriteRequesWithKeys, may have objects of
Class Blob and Clob in the data ArrayList,  Mkcoi (mckoi.Clob,mckoi.Blob)
and Oracle (oracle.Clob, oracle.Blob) are not serializable, so this is a
problem for sending this info to the JDBC (C-JDBC) driver. 

 I have two options to resolve this Issue:
1.1.2 The first one could be make the C-JDBC (org.objectweb.cjdbc.driver )
Blob and Clob clases serializable and translate the driver dependant Blob
and Clobs into C-JDBC serializable Blobs and Clobs.
1.1.3 The second one is to replace the Blob or Clob objects by its contents
(byte[] or String), I just have implemented this one, and it seem to work
fine but I think the first option will be better.

1.2 I haven't test it  but it seems that in the recovery log table the value
for  blobs is not hex coded, this could be a issue to store arbitrary binary
1.3 It seems that the blobs values are inlined in the sql stament stored in
the recovery lo table, I think that may be some extra considerations to take
care regarding on how big a sql statement could be.

2 Troubles enabling a previously disable backend

2.1 BeginTask
                Must do a cm.getConnection instead of a
                I resolved this yesterday and noted today same solution
posted to the cvs head.
2.2 Thread deadlocks
                Between RequestManager.enableBackendFromChecpoint() and
BackendWorkerThread.run(). I have a test case that's always produce a dead
lock. I have made a model that correct this deadlocks and I'm recodind parts
of the RequestManager, Tasks and BackendWorkerThread to test the solutions.

3.  Testing environment
I'm setting a testing environment for Oracle and  Mkcoi. I have read the
Developer Guide, do you have some aditional guidelines to doit.

4  How can I send you my contributions. I just fill my registration form for
objectweb.org.  I have the code for the Clob,Blob issue (section 1.1) The
solution for the deadlocks (section 2.2) should be a more extensive work
could you please consider me for a cvs write access.

Regards =))).

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