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Re: [c-jdbc] Console problem


We changed the console launcher recently, so I don't know if you're using the graphic console or the text console. In the graphic console, it starts the first time with the default controller, but then you can remove it, and add the controller by using the addController command.

In the text console this should work.

Also, do you have a jmx appender defined in the controller.xml configuration file ?

Thanks for your interest,


On 2004/08/27, at 12:19, jeanguillaume.lalanne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I am trying to administrate remotely my c-jdbc configuration from the console via the JMX interface but i doesn't seem to work. The console starts great by try to connect to the host even if I launch : console.sh -i MyIP -p 1090 ?

Is this a bug or do I use a bad configuration ?

Thanks in adavance for your help.

Best Regards

Jean-Guillaume LALANNE

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