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Re: [c-jdbc] severe problem on production system


Also, after how long the system went in that state ?

one or two
Is it hours or days?

We had to switch to our old solution yesterday and deactivated c-jdbc
driver. It blocks after 2 ours. We had also the case, that the controller
suddenly stoped or crashed yesterday and the clients (resin connection pool)
had the error message "connection refused".

Overall the whole web application (community software, developed by us) runs
slower because the sql query take to long to execute. We optimized the sql

Maybe is c-jdbc not appropriate for such a huge load on the database?
C-JDBC can certainly handle such load if configured appropriately. We have been able to scale up to much larger setups on our clusters but you need an appropriate configuration. There are many reasons for which you can experience blocking as with any other software. An inappropriate cache, scheduler or connection pool setting can have a dramatic impact on performance or functionality. What you are asking for is not only a matter of configuration, it requires architectural expertise with regard to your specifc environment. This is provided through professional services that you can contact at c-jdbc-pro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a good way to support the C-JDBC project !

We try to provide a best effort support to the open source community but for production environments, only the professional support can provide the required level of expertise to perfectly tune the system for production use.

Thanks for your feedback,

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