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Re: [c-jdbc] Problems Executing Stored Procedues

Hi Dylan,

1. We are using/ driverProcessed=false/ in our connection statement, as we would like the C-JDBC driver to forward 'set' calls to the native PostgresSQL driver. However, when debugging the code and getting to the point above, I notice that the value of 'driverProcessed' in the /proc/ variable is set to /true/ instead of /false/.

I have double checked the code and that should not happen. There is a problem with the way you set driverProcessed to false in your URL. Coud you debug the call to Connection.setDriverProcessed(boolean) to see which actual value is set with the URL you are using?

But, if there is an '=' in one of the parameters, the following is set as the /CallableStatement/:

/select * from ? somefunc('4vbils99931=',1) as result;/

Could you post the piece of code that creates the Callable statement and the setXXX functions that you call ? It seems that the PreparedStatement code is not properly compiling the request.

Also, is there something that C-JDBC is setting in the environment that would make the PostgreSQL driver behave differently than if C-JDBC was not running?

When you are not using the proxying mode we compile the query ourselves and just send a Statement to the database. In proxying mode, we use a PreparedStatement for the database.

Keep me posted with your progress,

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