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Re: [c-jdbc] Problems Executing Stored Procedures

Hi Emmanuel, thanks for your reply.

On 27-May-05, at 7:13 AM, Emmanuel Cecchet wrote:

I have double checked the code and that should not happen. There is a problem with the way you set driverProcessed to false in your URL. Coud you debug the call to Connection.setDriverProcessed(boolean) to see which actual value is set with the URL you are using?

It turns out that driverProcessed had a null value in the driver, which caused it to revert to the default value for the variable (which was true).  I changed the default value to "false" in the code and recompiled the driver, and the statement that didn't execute previously now did.

Here is an example of the connection statement that we are using in our JBoss data source file.  What are we doing wrong here?


This could also be an issue with JBoss turfing parameters passed to the connection-url.  I'm going to do some hunting around and see if there's any issues related to that.

For the time being, is setting the variable in the driver to default to 'false' a viable solution?  Or with this cause problems in other areas?


Dylan Hansen
How2Share Technologies

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