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Re: [c-jdbc] Problems Executing Stored Procedures

Hi James,

I noticed in my own testing that setting that property on the URL string didn't seem to work. I might be missing something, but I couldn't see in the code where it was being set. (I see where it's checked for if a Properties object is passed into DriverManager.getConnection(), and I see where CjdbcUrl.parseUrlParams parses the option and adds it to a HashMap, but I don't see where it ever gets referenced again).

The job is done in Driver.setParametersOnConnection(...). But I found out that this only applies to properties given at connection time not for the CjdbcUrl options. I am fixing that and commit the code within the hour.

I don't think that will work. Looking at CjdbcUrl, it looks like you can start-off the URL parameters with a question mark, but then they must be separated by ampersands, not semi-colons. You can also separate the parameters by semi-colons, but then they must also start with a semi-colon, not a question mark. e.g., the following examples should both work:

DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:cjdbc://host/db?user=me&password=secret <cjdbc://host/db?user=me&password=secret>")

You are absolutely right, I will fix the documentation.

Thanks for the feedback,

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