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no checkpoint created when manually killing DB


Im using C-JDBC with two mysql servers, one in a Linux and another in a 
windows machine. I have successfully created a Raidb-1 on those server. The 
recovery log was stored in the mysql instance in the linux box. Writing was 
successful. I had no problem recovering lost data when i disable and enable a 
single instance using the admin tool. But when i manually stop the MySQL 
service in the windows machine, try to insert some data (stack trace in my 
console since c-jdbc can't connect to the db server, causing the windows 
instance to go to the disable column in the graphical admin tool but data was 
inserted in the MySQL linux instace), starting the MySQL service in windows 
and enabling the MySQL windows instance in the graphical admin tool, the data 
cannot be recovered. Data inserted while the MySQL windows service is stopped 
cant be recovered to the windows mysql instance. 

I have noticed that no checkpoint is created the above incident occurs. A 
checkpoint is created when you disable an instance using the graphical admin 
tool. But no checkpoint is created you kill a mysql instance (to replicate a 
down db server), insert some data and c-jbdc would then detect an instance is 
down and move the stopped instance to disabled column the graphical admin 

is this a bug?

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