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Re: [c-jdbc] Problems Executing Stored Procedures

Hello again,

On 30-May-05, at 4:41 PM, Dylan Hansen wrote:

2. When performing a stored procedure that does a read in the following form select * from procedure(param1, param2), I get an SQLException thrown because there is a 'null' value that surrounds the parameters.  For example, when calling setPreparedStatement, the value of SQL is:

SELECT * FROM somefunc(null0|truenull)

It hits the same portion of code above (testing for the START_PARAM_TAG), and the while loop doesn't execute because it cannot find any instance of "null".  I know that I've probably broken this by changing the value of the TAGS and TAG_MARKER variables to something other than null, but if I keep them as null then I get a NullPointerException when doing the test of the while statement.

So, it looks like when the SQL statement is being read from the stream, the values for the markers aren't getting set properly.  I will do some more investigating, but do you (or anyone else) also see this issue with using driverProcessed=false?  I'm thinking that the "null" values surrounding the parameters above should be surrounded by the static variables used as markers, then when the while loop is executed, it can extract these parameters and enter them into the SqlSkeleton variable.

Silly me, I did not deploy a new version of the compiled driver after I gave the marker values, now it seems to work fine.

Is making the tag marker values in AbstractDriverConnection the same as Connection a viable solution or should there be another way to fix this issue (improper imports perhaps)?


Dylan Hansen
How2Share Technologies

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