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Re: sequoia v2.9 checkpoint issues

Andy Dennis wrote:
I'm seeing the logid field in the checkpoint table remaining at 0 for all entries so far that I have seen. Presumably this should match a logid value in the logtable?

Hi Andy.

Yep. The checkpoint table holds 'symbolic names' which reference
log entries in the log table.

However, checkpoints are somewhat internal to the system.

There is a special initial checkpoint called Initial_empty_recovery_log
which points to logid=0. Other checkpoints appear e.g.
when you do backups, shutdown a controller or transfer backends.

If writes happen on your system, then the recovery log should fill up,
and checkpoints created for events happening after these writes have
happened should point to entries different from 0.

What is your issue with checkpoints ?

May I suggest that you post to sequoia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
if it is Sequoia that you are using ?

Thanks for your interest !

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