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Re: Connection lost between MYSQLand C-JDBC

Emanuel Barbosa wrote:
Connection between MySQL and C-JDBC is lost because timeout expire. The timeout value can be set in mysql config file my.cnf (wait_time_out and interactive_timeout) but can’t be disabled.

Hi Emanuel,

First, did you try it with Sequoia (http://sequoia.continuent.org/) ?
You'll get more support using sequoia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Then the usual config version questions:
- which version of MySql are you using ?
- which version of connector/J are you using ?

Do you have the same problem when running both your web-app
and your java client directly against mysql ?

What is your c-jdbc/sequoia configuration (connection pooling ?)

My problem is I have a web application that all time is right

Meaning that your tomcat web app never sees any exception,
even when there is a timeout on the mysql side ?

Does your web-app continuously send requests to the system ?
What is your tomcat configuration wrt to connection pooling ?

but I have java application that if I try to run after the timeout expire is raised a exception (both use the cjdbc).

So you see the exception only when running (once) your java client.

Did you check the controller logs to see if there is only one such
failure ?

If i do some operation in my web apps that update my Database this succeed and after this my java application run ok.

I don’t understand why the timeout is not expire for the web application, why the connection between MySQL and CJDBC is only lost for my java application?

What could happen is that your java client gets a dirty connection from
the pool. Depending on the pooling you use, there might be a bug.

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