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[Fwd: CARDAMOM and Security]

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Hi Giovanni,

Sorry for this delay, we had some admin problems ...

CARDAMOM does not support Persistence, Transaction, and Security within the CCM Container; but the main() of the component server is left to the application developpers and since TAO SSLIOP is a pluggable protocol, you should be able to install it transparently to the CARDAMOM Container by passing appropriate command line argument to ORB_init(). (I didn't test this thougn!)

Other CARDAMOM daemons, such the Supervision server, Platform Daemon, the Naming and Repository ... etc. are not tested with the SSLIOP pluggin! We'll be happy to hear from if you gave it a try :-)




Hallo all,

COncerning security in Cardamom with TAO, in the documentation of Cardamom, there is a statement that security is not supported.

( http://cardamom.objectweb.org/docs/CARDAMOM_PROV_Rev03.doc -> Page 14 "No support for Persistence, Transaction and Security.").

Does this mean, that when using TAO and Cardamom together, we can not make use of SSLIOP as described e.g. in:


Or does this just mean we have to implement the secured communication mechanism ourselves? - In addition, if this is the case, can we still make use of Cardamom to communicate securely? - Or would we need to implement our own middleware from scratch to replace the functionality of cardamom ?

Many thanks
Giovanni Scotti

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