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[Fwd: Cardamom components - Java clients interoperability]

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CARDAMOM runs on both JacORB and TAO (OpenFusion) and both Java and C++ components are interoperable. Apart from 'multiple receptacles' not yet yet supported, you can connect C++ receptacles to Java facets (and vice versa) and connect C++ event sources to Java event sinks (and vice versa) .
Standard IIOP is used for communication.




Hello all,

Does anybody know whether it is feasible for Java clients (using JacORB or other Java ORBs) to invoke methods on a CCM component deployed in a Cardamom container? Would a common Inter-ORB Protocol Engine supported version, between the C++ ORB (e.g. TAO) and the Java ORB (e.g. JacORB), be sufficient to ensure the interoperability in this case?
Thanks for your help
Giovanni Scotti

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