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[Fwd: Components interoperability]

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>Hello all,
>can anybody enlighten me on the following issues?
>1. Java-CCM -- C++CCM interoperability :
>Is it possible to ensure interoperability between a component developed and 
>executed with a C++ CCM (e.g. CARDAMOM based on TAO) and a component 
>developed and executed within a Java-based CCM (e.g. openCCM based on JacORB) 

Yes. CARDAMOM CCM supports both C++ components on TAO and Java components on JacORB. Both Java and C++ components are interoperable.

>2. CIAO-CARDAMOM Interoperability: 
>is it possible for two components, one developed and executed in the OMG 
>Corba Component implementation CARDAMOM framework, communicate with a 
>component developed and executed with CIAO, which is a Lightweight CCM 
We didn't test this; but this should communicate correctly using IIOP (TAO's default protocol).

>3. Java components hosting:
>CARDAMOM  supports C++ components. Can it also host Java corba components 
>(for example based on JacORB, which is able to interoperate with TAO)?
>is there any sort of strategy to develop Java components in the Cardamom 
CARDAMOM already provides a Java container on JacORB. There is a demo in ProdTests/demos/demo_ccm/java.

>Thanks for your help
>Giovanni Scotti



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