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Celtix Milestone 2 Released

I am pleased to announce that Celtix Milestone 2 is released and available 
for download at http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=192

Milestone 2 consists of some of the key features that are a subset of the 
release 1.0 planned features. We have done some major enhancements on setting 
up infrastructure for delivering on future Milestones. More info on Celtix 
planned Milestones can be found at, 

Below you will find the details of the features contained in this drop.

  * Enhanced Binding API for better pluggability.
  * Support for Protocol and Logical Handlers and Context.
  * SOAP 1.1 support for Doc/Rpc literal and Faults.
  * Complete support for JAX-WS Sync and One-Way API's.
  * No more required to download JAX-WS RI 2.0 early access 2.

Detailed installation instructions for Milestone 2 can be found at, 

We are constantly working on improving the code base and welcome your 
valuable feedback.

Please share your experience and send questions/comments to 
celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and development-related issues to 

Milestone 2 related issues can be logged and tracked at 

Celtix Dev Team

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