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Re: [celtix-dev] CLASSPATH setting in celtix_env script

Hi John,

On 8 Nov 2005, at 14:13, Lifter, John wrote:
I would prefer option 3 so that it is possible for a developer working with the source distribution to easily confirm that applications run directly from the command line, as would be the case with users working with the binary distribution.
with the update to the manfest classpath that I merged this morning and one other pending change, all that's really required to achieve this is to have the celtix.jar on the classpath. Given this and the fact that the only way to really verify that things work correctly in a binary distribution is by building a binary distribution (takes something like 5 minutes), I don't think that added complexity for the scripts is warranted.
Since it doesn’t appear that celtix_env is needed for the source distribution, then there is no reason it should not be fixed to be the suitable for use from the command line. Developers using the ant script will simply ignore celtix_env.
I don't follow your logic here. The celtix_env script *is* intended for use on the command line and works from the command line. Where it doesn't work is in a source distribution. If developers can simply ignore the scripts (which they must or else things break) then it should be moved somewhere where it won't trip people up, as per Adi's first option.


From: Sakala, Adinarayana
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 4:10 PM
To: celtix-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [celtix-dev] CLASSPATH setting in celtix_env script

I assume you are talking about source distribution.

If yes, The scripts that we have in trunk/bin directory are product scripts which means they assume user is using a binary distribution. Hence you see CELTIX_HOME/lib/celtix.jar

We expect users using source distribution work with Ant rather than running scripts. Hence everything in the source is integrated with Ant system.

This raises a good point though, its obvious that when users see scripts in bin directory they expect them to work if they are part of source distribution which currently is not a case. We got to fix this one way or the other.

I think we might have to consider following approaches,

1. Move current scripts to a location something like trunk/product/ bin/... and not ship scripts part of source distribution.

2. Have two set of scripts one for source and one for binary distribution.

3. Fix current scripts to work for both source and binary distributions.

 I am inclining towards Option 1.

Any opinions/suggestions?



-----Original Message-----
From: Lifter, John
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 1:02 PM
To: celtix-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [celtix-dev] CLASSPATH setting in celtix_env script

In the Windows version of this script, the set CLASSPATH entry gives the path to celtix.jar as


Isn’t the correct path is CELTIX_HOME\build\lib\celtix.jar.

Although this discrepancy doesn’t seem to affect compiling and running the applications using ant.

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