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Re: [celtix] how to compile a hello world without common_build.xml

Hi Arnaud,

there is two things that common_build.xml provide to the demos: the first is the classpath needed to compile and run the code, the second is some ant macros to run the code generation tools.

For the classpath, just make sure that the %CELTIX_HOME%\lib \celtix.jar is specified on the classpath. The celtix.jar contains a manifest classpath that references other jars in the Celtix distribution so it's important to keep the together.

For invoking the tools, have a look wsdl2java macrodef in common_build.xml. You can copy this into your own build, if you are using ant. All that it is doing, though, is invoking the wsdltojava tool via the Java class that implements it: org.objectweb.celtix.tools.WSDLToJava. It passes in a bunch of arguments.

There's some further information in the demo READMEs. Have look in the section "Buildng the demo using wsdl2java and javac" which will give you more detail on what is required to build and run an application using Celtix.

Let us know if you have any difficulties.


On 7 Apr 2006, at 14:15, aweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


I'm a newbie with ESB and my Boss asked me to deploy an open source ESB for our new information system...

I'm trying to understand how it works to integrate Celtix with just a helloworld which is not situated in %CELTIX_HOME/sample/xxx/

i would like to have a minimal project somewhere else on my HD and understand the compilation process... Is there any doc on that??

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