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RE: [celtix] Slideware for Advanced Celtix for Developpers

Title: [celtix] Slideware for Advanced Celtix for Developpers
hi arnaud,
that slide deck is currently under development
and will probably become available later this
stay tuned.
what advanced features of celtix you are
looking at? anything specific?
regards ...
-----Original Message-----
From: Arnaud Weber [mailto:aweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 18 April 2006 10:26
To: celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [celtix] Slideware for Advanced Celtix for Developpers

The documentation "Standard Celtix for Developpers" is very useful and
well made.

I managed to get also the Celtix for Architects one but not the advanced
Celtix for Developpers on

Is it accessible? how can i have it?


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