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Re: [celtix-dev] Celtix Use and Next Steps...


It would be great to get a summary of the Celtix Yoko work, integration with Tuscany post 1.0.

Also WS-S, any thoughts of Kerberos token support and persistence on the WS-RM?

When will you support SOAP 1.2 in parallel with SOAP 1.1

Interested in ARM entry points - teams thoughts there...


Sakala, Adinarayana wrote:
As we get closer to the Celtix 1.0 release we will be thinking further about 
post-1.0 functionality in Celtix [1].
In this context I would like to put forward two key questions to the celtix community, - How do you currently use Celtix?
 - What would be some of your requirements for Celtix post 1.0 release?
I would appreciate any details anyone is willing to share with this mailing 
list or via a private email (asakala@xxxxxxxx) to me regarding above two 
questions.  If you could share the key functionality and the goals of any 
implementations or test use cases it would be very helpful.

Best Regards,
Adi Sakala

[1] - https://wiki.objectweb.org/celtix/Wiki.jsp?page=Milestones


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