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Re: [celtix] how to : java2wsdl

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the information.

From the error message, it tells me that you didn't have the

demo.helloworld.types.Greet Class in your classpath.

You should add this type class (even it's empty), and try again,

Now you should have another error:
Error : Can Not Load class demo.helloworld.types.GreetResponse.

Again you should add another type class (even it's empty), and try again, Now you should pass the generation, and the HelloService.wsdl and schema1.xsd should be generated.

The reason why you should add two type classes is that the java2wsdl will 
call JAXB which will help you to generate the schema for you.

Hope this helps

P.S the quickest way to learn the java2wsdl tool is to use the wsdl2java to generate all the artifects, and use the java2wsdl against the generated SEI class.


Denis HUTIN wrote:

Hi james.

Thanks for you answer. In fact with this java interface :

package demo.helloworld;

import javax.jws.WebMethod;
import javax.jws.WebService;

public interface HelloService {

       public String greet();

I ve got an error message when i use java2wsdl:

Error : Can Not Load class demo.helloworld.types.Greet

thanks for helping


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