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RE: [celtix] Content-Based Routing

If you are using a handler to do the re-routing then you aren't really using 
the router. You can add the handler to any service address defined on the 
bus. Wouldn't it be better to create a new router which has extended 
configuration to allow it to do content based routing.

We are just looking at this - we have 2 instant uses -

1 - the content based router will pass a messages to an appropriate 
tranformer which will convert the message. So it is using the format of the 
message to decide where to route (the format may be the root element name)

2 - we have a data requets message with an optional time parameter. When the 
time parameter is not specified we want data from the live data server, when 
the time is specified we want the data from the historical data server. So 
the CBR will use the message name and a parameter to decide where to send the 
message to.

I was thinking that we could do this using an XQuery. The config of the CBR 
would have a series of Xqueries and destination addresses. If any of the 
XQueries return true then that address will be used. The only thing I'm 
worried about is that the payload of the message may not be XML and therefore 
we wouldn't be able to use Xqueries, maybe that is a future issue as Celtix 
currently doesn't support binary bindings (I think).

Excuse me if any of my Celtix defintions are wrong in the above text - if 
they are I'm sure there are plenty of knowledgable people out there who can 
put me right.

So would a new router be better ?


Richard Shaw


Richard Shaw  
Technical Design Authority - Information Solutions Consultancy  
Intelligent Transport Systems 

Atkins Highways and Transportation 
Woodcote Grove, Ashley Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5BW

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Mob: 07740 817586 
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From: Paibir, Ajay [mailto:ajay.paibir@xxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 02 June 2006 17:30
To: celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [celtix] Content-Based Routing

Hi XU,

The options 1 is not something that has been tested before but should work.
A SOAPhandler (assuming SOAP/HTTP) can be added in the client side of the 
router to process the outbound SOAPMessage and reroute to another destination 
endpoint and the inbound SOAP response received from such rerouting is 
dispatched back from the router to the client. 

This will require the SOAPHandler.handleMessage to return false so as to 
cease normal processing.

Regarding option 2 currently the router does not process the To field in wsa 
header. So this will require the router or the celtix runtime to be extended.


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From: Yilin XU [mailto:yilin.xu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 02 June 2006 10:30
To: celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [celtix] Content-Based Routing


I want to realise a demo of content-based-routing function. There are three 
roles in the system. 
   client: service requester
   router: routing service
   server: service provider, at least two A client sends a message to the 
router. The router will relay the messsage to the right server according to 
the message content.

After looking at the samples routing/soap_jms_http, handlers, that in the 
mailing list which is the combination of the two and ws_addressing, I thought 
two ways to realise it.

One is to add a handler on the router of celtix to read the message and then 
change dynamically the routing policy (wsdl to apply). 

Another is to take advantage of ws-addressing. In a routing service, the

message content will be read and the To field of wsa header will be modified. 
For simplifying the things, messages are transported on SOAP/HTTP.

I prefer the first one since it uses more functionalities of celtix. Are 
these solutions possible?

Thanks in advance.

XU, Yilin

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