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Re: [celtix] 1.1 snapshot and router


The objectweb nightlies seem to be broken again.  We don't have any control 
over those so we cannot fix them.  (one of the objectweb guys handles those.) 
I'll let them know and see if we can figure out what is wrong with it.  

Judging from the dates of the jars in the archives, it looks like the rt jar 
hasn't been correctly built for a few days.   My only suggestion at this 
point is to grab the source distribution and build it yourself.   Definitely 
not ideal.


On Wednesday June 14 2006 8:24 pm, Shaw, Richard A wrote:
> I've just upgraded to Celtix 1.1-Snapshot to get a bug fix that was done a
> few days ago and ...
> The router will not run it says that java.xml.bin.annotation.AccessType is
> missing. If I look in jaxb-api-2.0.jar I can see that there is no
> AccessType but there is an XmlAccessType.
> I thought I needed to delete my temporary router code directory to make it
> re-build the code but that made no difference.
> Richard Shaw
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