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Design question on publish / subscribe

Title: Design question on publish / subscribe

If I have a system that I want to get data out of which provides a publish/subscribe interface should I try to hide the publish/subscribe in a custom transport to avoid my server knowing that it needed to subscribe to get the data.

My server will then just receive one way messages with the data in.

The subscription details would be in the WSDL file and taken care of by the transport.

I came to this conclusion after looking at the JMS pub/sub sample in Celtix. It was interesting to see that the server didn't know that it was subscribing to a JMS topic.

My transport might be quite thick because the system I am talking about allows you to subscribe to a data ready message. Once you receive the data ready you have to send a request message to get the data. So if my server is expecting to receive messages containing the data the transport will have to make the request.

Richard Shaw


Richard Shaw  
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