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Intergrating Celtix ESB with JBoss or Tomcat


I am new to Celtix ESB. Currently I need to develop POC using Open Source ESB 
and BPEL also.

One of our major client in Satyam, India uses mostly matured open source 

I need to develop POC to show the demo using Open SOurce ESB.

In this regard, I am looking for Celtix ESB.

For BPEL, I can use ActivebPEL open source Business process engine.

Could you provie me how to deploy CELTIX ESB in JBoss Application 

Also how to deploy Celtix services in JBoss Application Server/Tomcat? I 
tried with hello world example to deploy as WAR file. I deployed in the JBoss 
server and then I do not know how to access the servcies or WSDL interfaces.

Could you please respond on this, since I am runnig short of time for the POC?

Also I would like to know how to position this product with the clients? 

You can send me mail to pandu_ranga@xxxxxxxxxx , since I badly need your help.


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