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FW: RE: [celtix] Intergrating Celtix ESB with JBoss or Tomcat

This was meant for the list: 
-----Original Message-----
From: pandu_ranga@xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:pandu_ranga@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 04 July 2006 10:57
To: Cronin, Margo
Subject: Re: RE: [celtix] Intergrating Celtix ESB with JBoss or Tomcat

Dear All,

Thanks for your great help in identifying the issues I have. Now I am
able to run the celtix service on Tomcat.

Even I consumed the services of celtix in ActiveBPEL.

Now I request you please provide me the folllowing information.

1.How to integrate Celtix in Jboss?
2.How do I position CELTIX ESB with the customers?
3.How do benchmark with other vendors ESB's?
4.What businesss scenarios I can use CELTIX ESB?

I heard thruogh one your colleagues that they successfully integrated
CELTIX ESB in Glassfish and Geronimo.
I request you please provide me guidelines in this regard. It helps me
to develop componeents for  CELTIX integration with JBoss.

Also if you could share some customer implementations, that will be
Once our evaluation is over, we are foreseeing for partnership way.


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