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Re: [celtix] Geronimo 1.2

Hi Jacek,

On 9 Jul 2006, at 09:07, Jacek Laskowski wrote:

On 7/9/06, kiyoshi.egawa@xxxxxxxx <kiyoshi.egawa@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Where is Geronimo 1.2 downloads ? The latest version is 1.1 on Geronimo downloads in the site.

There's no Geronimo v1.2 release.

Why did you ask about it in Celtix mailing list? And what do you need
v1.2 for? Just curious.

this is probably for the Celtix-Geronimo integration. As documented it does not work with the 1.0 release of G but needs a build of what was 1.2 (trunk). The integration is a little out of date at this point. We'll be working to update it very shortly.


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