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Generic data input

Title: Generic data input

I have the following use case and was wondering what people thought about my idea to use Celtix for it -

I need to load data from multiple sources into a data warehouse. There are an unlimited number of external sources with as yet unknown data formats and transport technologies. I need to request the data, convert it into a canononical format and pass into the system for storage (using soap over HTTP).

What I am thinking about creating is a generic data fetch component using Celtix which does the following -

When deployed it is given a a WSDL file, an operation name, a transform and a poll time as configuration data.
When the poll timer goes off it will use the operation as defined in the WSDL to request the data, pass it through the transform and send the result into the system.

I want to avoid unmarshalling the data if I can, so if I get data in an XML format I want to pass it through an XSL transform and send the result into the system.

I'm thinking about looking at how the router works to achieve this. What I'm still struggling with is what to do if the binding is not in an XML format (i.e. not pure XML or soap wrapped XML). I'm thinking I might have to unmarshal it and then re-marshal to XML before the transform.

I would do this with a BPMS system if only it would use Celtix to support the custom transports and bindings which I will need to create to handle the undefined data formats and bindings.

What do people think ? Does it make sense ? Will this be hard to achieve ?

Richard Shaw


Richard Shaw  
Technical Design Authority - Information Solutions Consultancy  
Intelligent Transport Systems

Atkins Highways and Transportation
Woodcote Grove, Ashley Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5BW

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E-mail: richard.shaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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