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Re: [celtix] Trick to external jaxws binding file?

Hi Bryon,

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 03:58:02PM +0200, bdonahue@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm working with an external jaxws binding file. I don't really know what
> I'm doing but I've been successful with an embedded jaxb binding entries.
> The problem I'm experiencing is that wsdl2java complains that the binding
> file does not reference the wsdl file. See the console output below.
> I've tried just about every form of file url that I can think of with the
> same result.
> Am I missing something? Note that I have an unsanitized test case that I
> can send to Iona Support but I thought I'd try the email list first.

Your right, the error message below usually indicates that the wsdlLocation
specified in the binding file doesn't match the wsdl file you are
generating code with.  (Although the error message could probably be
clearer).  I can't say exactly what the problem is without seeing your
binding file, but did you try without the "file:" in your wsdlLocation
attribute?  The hello_world_async sample from the kit also uses an external
binding file, so that may help you as a guide for working out the problem
here.  If it doesn't help, please forward along your sample binding file
and wsdl and we'll take a look.


> Thanks,
> Bryon
> <jaxws:bindings wsdlLocation="file:///C:\My 
> Documents\celtix1.0\enum_anon_type_binding_external\etc\ecrm_P9097.wsdl" 
> xmlns:jaxb="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jaxb"; 
> xmlns:jaxws="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jaxws"; 
> xmlns:wsdl="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/";>
>      [java] wsdl2java -b C:\My 
> Documents\celtix1.0\enum_anon_type_binding_extern
> al\etc/enum-binding.xml -verbose -all -d C:\My 
> Documents\celtix1.0\enum_anon_typ
> e_binding_external\build\src C:\My 
> Documents\celtix1.0\enum_anon_type_binding_ex
> ternal\etc/ecrm_P9097.wsdl
>      [java] wsdl2java - 1.0
>      [java] Error : External binding file: C:\My 
> Documents\celtix1.0\enum_anon_t
> ype_binding_external\etc\file:\C:\My 
> Documents\celtix1.0\enum_anon_type_binding_
> external\etc\ecrm_P9097.wsdl is not point to the specified wsdl 
> url:file:/C:/My
> Documents/celtix1.0/enum_anon_type_binding_external/etc/ecrm_P9097.wsdl

Peter Jones
IONA Technologies Inc.
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Tel: (w) 709-738-3725 x22 | Fax: 709-738-3745
84-86 Elizabeth Ave. St. John's, NL A1A 1W7 Canada

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