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RE: [celtix] question about ws-addressing in Celtix ESB

Hi Sara,
wsa:ReplyTo is supported by Celtix 1.0.

However over-riding this to the none address will not work in a Celtix client, as the client-side MAPAggregator does a sanity check to ensure any ReplyTo set in the AddressingProperties makes sense for this invocation.
As the none URI clearly does not make sense for a twoway request, this is rejected and the ReplyTo is set to the real decoupled response endpoint.
I don't have the Celtix 1.0 codebase to hand right now, but in the analogous Apache CeltiXfire code, note the relevant commentary:
            // ReplyTo, set if null in MAPs or if set to a generic address
            // (anonymous or none) that may not be appropriate for the
            // current invocation
If you want to play with overriding ReplyTo to a dead-end, try a syntactically valid URI that doesn't reference a real HTTP endpoint (e.g. "http://nowhere.nada.nichts/dead_end").

From: Corbett Sara [mailto:corbett_sara@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 02 October 2006 17:55
To: celtix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [celtix] question about ws-addressing in Celtix ESB

I have a question about the ws-addressing support in Celtix ESB.  I was able to run the ws-addressing example successfully.  However when I tried to invoke the hello world web service from another client, I noticed that the hello world service did not route the response to the sayHi message based on the supplied wsa:ReplyTo header.  Is this supported in Celtix 1.0?  Also, when I set the wsa:ReplyTo header to http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing/noneI still received a response from the web service.  Based on that ReplyTo, I am expecting no response from the web service. 
Thank you,
Sara Corbett

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