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Re: Re: [celtix] Using Celtix with Jetty

On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 15:46 +0200, srigopkrishnan@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> Currently we have a home grown http server that displays simple web pages.
> We want to start using Celtix to add some web services to our app.
> The question is can I use the Jetty Embedded web server that comes with 
> Celtix to serve my simple web pages also?

Not easily.  The embedded Jetty is configured to use contexts controlled
by the celtix runtime.  There is no easy way for an application to get
at the Jetty runtime and add their own contexts.

Although I have not tried it, your should be able to deploy a Celtix
application using the servlet transport to a Jetty container.  

> I see info like XFire and Celtix merging and also that Celtix is moving to 
> Apache CXF.
> Is CXF the merged Xfire and Celtix.

That's right -- CXF is the name of the merged project. 

> As Part of CXF are we looking big changes to the API?

If your application is based on the JAX-WS api, everything should be
basically the same.  The big changes  happen at the internal level, for
example if you had written your own transport or binding plugin for
Celtix then there would be significant API changes.


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