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Re: [celtix] Using Celtix with Jetty

Hi Srinivasan

srigopkrishnan@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks for the reply.
Currently we have a home grown http server that displays simple web pages.
We want to start using Celtix to add some web services to our app.

The question is can I use the Jetty Embedded web server that comes with Celtix to serve my simple web pages also?

You definitely can use Jetty to server you simple web pages with add handler to deal with HttpRequest.
As a sample you can looking into the CXF code:
rt-transports-http module's JettyHTTPDestination.java doService(HttpRequest, HttpResponse) for detail with
the http request for getting WSDL file of published service.

I see info like XFire and Celtix merging and also that Celtix is moving to 
Apache CXF.

Is CXF the merged Xfire and Celtix.
Yes. The M1 will come out maybe in the end of this month.

As Part of CXF are we looking big changes to the API?

The API had a great changed, such as using service model to support both wsdl first and code first programming model,
a new Transport API which is total different with Celtix,
If you want to use CXF, I think the sooner the better you get look into CXF :).



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