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GRID Computing at ObjectWeb: Life Broadcasting of 2 nd ProActive User Group , Monday Oct. 10-11

GRID Computing at ObjectWeb: Life Broadcasting of  2nd ProActive User
Group , Monday Oct. 10-11

The Second ProActive User Group will take place:
    Monday  Oct. 10: General Presentations from Developers and Users
    Tuesday Oct. 11: Tutorial and Hands-On Grid Programming

The program is available here:

The Broadcasting will be accessible from here:

The Monday will be broadcasted in real time (from 9:00 to 19:00, French
time), the Tuesday will be recorded and made available in video
streaming later on.

ProActive is a GRID Java library (Source code under LGPL license from
ObjectWeb)for parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing, also
featuring mobility and security in a uniform framework. ProActive
provides a comprehensive API allowing to simplify the programming of
applications that are distributed on Local Area
Network (LAN), on cluster of workstations, or on Internet Grids.


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