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Re: [architecture] Fractal packaging & deployment, bis

Eric Bruneton wrote:

it is true that "packages", in this document, have nothing to do with Java packages. But "deployment unit" is a bit too long (I would prefer a single word). Any other idea?

From my perspective, a long word is better than a confusing word. You could just call it a "unit"...even OSGi's "bundle" term is better.

(since we identified the component and package concepts, a possibility is to always speak of components: "component" would then designate both runtime entities and serialized entities)

No, I definitely think that this would be a mistake. This is the equivalent of referring to a deployment unit, a class, and an object all with the word "instance". These are distint entities with distinct characteristics.

Indeed we would like to have deployment tools to deploy Fractal components as well as legacy "components" (such as debian packages). But this is a long term goal: we will first concentrate on tools for pure Fractal components.

This sort of skirts the question. By "pure" are we talking about Fractal on Java or Fractal for any language/environment?

this seems a good approach to implement the packaging/deployment system. However, before implementing it, we must define the requirements for this system, what is a package, its relation to components... This is what we tried to do in section 1 and 2.

I don't think it is necessary to mention components at all at this level. Of course it is necessary for us to consider the requirements that a component model may have for a deployment framework, but that is different than having the concept of a component in your deployment framework. For example, my Module Loader knows nothing about components.

in a top down approach, we started to look at something similar to your third layer in section 3. We have not yet looked at lower layers, but we will need to do this.

Maybe this is where my confusion lies then. I am trying to think about what it is that we need to deploy Java applications, some of which may be component-based, some may not.

you are totally allowed to comment on these issues (we need your experience on them)!

I didn't mean that! :-)

I was referring to the internal activities of OSGi...since I am now able to attend the OSGi meetings, I get an internal (and confidential) view of the activities. I now see that they are discussing issues that are very, very, very related to this topic. ;-) If I could steer both in the same direction, that would be excellent.

-> richard

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