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Re: [fractal] Re: [architecture] Fractal packaging & deployment, bis

Le 7 mai 04, à 13:56, Sébastien Jean a écrit :

Eric Bruneton wrote:

it is true that "packages", in this document, have nothing to do with
Java packages. But "deployment unit" is a bit too long (I would
prefer a single word). Any other idea?

i propose either "seed" or "germ" that shortly stands for deployement unit

"seed" or "germ" should be reserved for bootstrapping issues wrt a deployment infrastructure IMHO. Maybe we can find something better than 'package' but frankly, package is just fine for me. We would just have to say 'java package' when speaking about java package (!) and package otherwise. Sun takes words like 'interface' or 'package' and gives them very strange semantics, i don't see why this should prevent us for using these words which have a natural meaning to most people.


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