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Re: [fractal] Re: [architecture] Fractal packaging & deployment, bis

Bruno Dillenseger wrote:

I share Thierry's opinion. I'm currently using the term "Fractal seed" in CLIF project to deal with an empty composite somewhere on the network where any Fractal component may be "deployed" (in the sense of: created, bound, managed - the necessary classes and possible resource files for the "deployed" component are downloaded without any specific local installation required).

I agree with this too.

The only thing I see that could prevent us would be the fact that many people do have a strong Java background. However, it should be possible to make it clear that this spec deals with *packaging and deployment* of software. In the field of software management, the term "package" is widely used (RPMs or Debian packages in Linux, packages in Solaris...) As a result, it could be also regarded as misleading NOT to use the term "package".

This really depends on whether the purpose is to create a deployment infrastructure for deploying Fractal-based applications or if the purpose is to create a more general deployment middleware (at least for Java), where Fractal-based applications are just one type of application to be deployed.

If the purpose is only for Fractal-based applications and the only types of dependencies that exist among "packages" are component-oriented dependencies (i.e., containment and binding), then it probably doesn't make a difference what you call it.

On the other hand, if the purpose is to deploy arbitrary Java programs, then some notion of "Java package" dependencies will probably be needed. Thus, you end of with the unfortunate situation of having "Java package" dependencies among "deployment packages". I think keeping this clear in documentation would be a nightmare...look at how many people confuse component and component instance...

For me, I am thinking about a more general deployment middleware infrastructure (for Java), where Fractal applications are one type of application to be deployed. If this is not the consensus view, then please ignore my previous grumblings. :-)

-> richard

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