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ObjectWeb Eclipse STP mailing list created

Title: Message
Hi all,
As the ObjectWeb eclipse-stp has been created, let me remind you our next audio session, that will be held on
monday march 6, from 4pm to 6pm (CET), +33 1 72 12 29 69  
Here below the notes of our first audio, held on february 20th, and the status of the actions as they have been decided during the audio
{==> means actions}
1- Interest, contributions and positioning:
+ EBM :  tooling for development, test and deployment of JBI components ; targeting a JBI run-time environment such as Petals, as today run-time environments such as Tuscany and Celtix are already targeted.
Involved in sc (service creation) and soas (soa system) packages
+ Eteration :  consolidation with Eclipse WTP (Web Tools) and ITEA Osiris (Infrastructure for integration of services) projects.
Involved in sc and bpmn (business process modeling & notation) packages
2- Contribution to Eclipse STP:
+ EBM : writing a description of its contribution around JBI ==> TBD
+ Eteration : writing a proposal for a process related to initial contributions ==> TBD
Both contributions will be proposed to be published into the Eclipse STP Web site
3- Mailing lists, committers (and agreement) : OK
+ Eteration : will send the names of people who are committers ==> TBD
4- Comments about current discussions on stp-dev and during IRC call
+ Build system : Eteration is following up actions from Iona for setting up the system
+ Commit process, test coverage, naming conventions : OK
5- Comments about current discussions during PMC audio
+ Positioning of JWT technology project as an incubator project within STP : no decision yet; wait for positioning of the JWT group, coordinated by OpenWide
+ Questions from IBM about BPMN et B2J subprojects in STP : ....
+ Introduction of JBoss to participate to the STP project : no comment
6- Creation of an internal ObjectWeb internal mailing list : public or private ? OK for a public one in a first stage, and monitor it ==> done
7- Participation to F2F STP meeting during EclipseCon 2006, March 20-23, Santa Clara : OK  (Eteration will sure attend)
8- Next internal OW Eclipse STP audio : monday , march 6, 4pm to 5pm (Paris time), +33 (0)1 72 12 29 69
Kind regards,
mobile: +33(0)
mobile: +33(0)

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